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We Build For
People & Planet



Energy Efficiency

The building system is designed with energy efficiency in mind, proudly offering exceptional thermal insulation capabilities that significantly diminish the energy demand when compared to conventional construction methods.

Our offering includes a comprehensive 12-year new home warranty, along with an additional 30-year warranty specifically covering the manufacturer's construction system. These extended warranties stem from the verified durability of the load-bearing structures in our initial homes. Naturally, the lifespan of our houses extends well beyond these warranty periods.


Our panel system adheres to all domestic standards and meets the rigorous requirements of EU countries. It has obtained certifications including RAL, ETA, and UK certificates to demonstrate its compliance and quality assurance.

Why Choose Kinetic Construction 


The perimeter walls of the wooden building are impressively slender, with a mere thickness of 297 mm, all while preserving or even surpassing the thermal insulation standards. This innovative design offers a remarkable 20% increase in available floor space when compared to a traditional construction.

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